Sunday, July 28, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 64

Assignment Example These groups of whites also wanted to see the unification of the African race and uplifting of the people so that the entire region could reach and realize its full potential (Hill, Dixon & Rodriguez, 2011). This paper will examine the movement that was and is UNIA, and why it is considered, in some instances, as being bigger than the civil rights movement that many people are familiar with. The basic principles of the UNIA include the establishment of a united brotherhood among all races, regardless of whether they are white, brown, or black. This was the basic tenet of the movement as established by Marcus Mosiah Garvey, whose main intention was to enable every race to identify with itself, and create its own view of the world (Hill, Dixon & Rodriguez, 2011). This was without regarding one race inferior while another superior. Also, the movement sought to uplift every African in the region and any other region in which the movement had its reach. In America, for example; during the conception and growth of the movement, African-Americans welcomed the movement because it came at a time when there were no opportunities for people in the region. During the course of Garvey’s endeavors, he started a company that would assist in bringing Africans in Diaspora back to Africa, which is considered to be their home. Education was also a top priority for the movement at the time, and to this day, is still a crucial element in its growth. The educational institutions that the movement set out to establish were meant to be a hub for international and worldwide courses on the various activities that people could undertake. This was in a bid to eradicate poverty and the mentality that the black race was inferior in terms of thinking or conducting their business. It was meant for the overall good of the African race with the existence of both industrial and commercial interaction (Grant, 2008). Garvey

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