Monday, November 4, 2019

Early Head Start (EHS) as a Foundation which Works to Assist Low-Incom Essay - 1

Early Head Start (EHS) as a Foundation which Works to Assist Low-Income Families - Essay Example In this way, new ideas will be explored along with the addition of funds and resources. Communication is necessary to form a discourse community. A significant step is to remain patient. To achieve the desired outcome groups must remain firm. It may require a little time before things start to work accordingly. Early Head Start (EHS) is a foundation which works to assist low-income families. This foundation serves infants, toddlers and pregnant women. EHS has made a series of goals. These goals include the need for primary education for parents to meet up with their needs and to provide for their children efficiently. EHS also works to make sure the children are in a safe environment. Other communities are also made to participate in the generation of funds and resources. EHS has several services. These services include center-based services for children in their early stages. Home-based services include weekly visits to the helped families to help maintain them. Moreover, Family Child Care Services provides educational funds for the children. ( I live in Maple Leaf Dr, League City. It is an active community where adults and children are always witnessed indulge in their activities. A school bus is responsible to pick and drop the children to the nearby school. In this way, adults which do not work from home do not have to worry about dropping their children to school. My community continues to thrive and work for a better future, due to which It can be positively be considered of good quality. People assemble their garbage in the corner of their houses from where it is collected. Gardening is also actively practiced. In this way, lawns are maintained keeping the environment clean. People are responsible for their safety. Community members remain active so theft is best avoided. Noise pollution is the least as my community is a distance away from industries. People have built  their own houses. Some are also living on rent.  

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