Saturday, November 2, 2019

Survey result section with pie charts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Survey result section with pie charts - Essay Example From the results, some teachers felt that direct instruction to the students either individually or in class was an effective method. The numbers were however less (12%) as compared the group the group that preferred a cooperative learning approach moderated by the teacher (76%). In this method the learners would choose the topic of their liking and research on it before teaching their fellow students. None of the teacher preferred thought it was a good idea for the learner to be left to acquire the knowledge alone. This would deny the learner a chance to have a different perspective of the concept like the peers. The case study results indicated that 65 percent of the teachers (15) preferred to resolve the situation by dividing the students into mixed groups and letting them assist each other in learning (Answer 1). Some 22% of the teachers interviewed (5) thought it suitable to teach the whole group at the pace of the slow learner (answer 2). The remaining 13% or 3 of the interviewed teachers thought that the teacher should divide the student according to ability and teach them differently (answer 3). None of the teacher interviewed thought that teaching at the pace of the high level learning ability students was beneficial. From the results, a majority preferred the approach of combining the higher level learning ability with the low level learning students. This means that the students could cooperate with each other to effectively acquire the knowledge from their peers better. It should be noted that it is difficult to determine the learning pace of the slow students. This explains the reason why the method of mixed ability grouping was preferred by the majority. Dividing the group into two was not proposed by many. This because it would be difficult to foster social leaning between the learners and how the learners would benefit from each other is not

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