Thursday, October 31, 2019

'Military interventions by Western states, in response to humanitarian Essay

'Military interventions by Western states, in response to humanitarian crisis since the end of the Cold War, have been motivat - Essay Example However, the legality of military interventions where there are humanitarian crisis is always in question. This is so since, there are no legal platforms that allow foreign country’s military forces to occupy or use force in another country without the consent of the invaded country’s government. Thus, this paper will examine how humanitarian interventions have been motivated by moral values rather than legal actions by carefully examining the major humanitarian intervention that western countries have undertaken since the end of the cold war and the ethical and moral theories that are considered when undertaking such interventions. On examining such interventions, it is possible for to determine whether morality is the factor behind humanitarian interventions by western countries. Body (for) Indeed military interventions due to humanitarian crisis have been motivated by moral values and not political or economic interests since there have been various military interven tions around the world where there is no political or economic gain in question. ... This turned into a civil war where the then government ordered the massacre of innocent civilians. The United Nation tried imposing economic sanctions but the atrocities did not end. Were it not for the actions of the United Nation to mandate a military intervention then the violation of human rights by the then Libyan government could not have come to an end. Kosovo is another good example of how military intervention motivated by moral values resulted in positive results. More than 230,000 people had been internally displaced due to the civil war in Kosovo and thousands of innocent civilians had been killed. The western countries could not sit and watch while crimes against humanity were being committed in Kosovo. As a result of their moral obligation in 1998 both the United Nations and NATO agreed and military intervention by western countries took place in Kosovo resulting in the end of the Humanitarian crisis in the country. The situations in the two counties clearly show that m ilitary intervention by western countries is morally right because it resulted in the saving of lives in the respective countries. Body (against) International politics are dominated by western countries that try to impose western ideologies o the other countries raising the question whether moral values or political interests motivate these interventions. This is because, western countries tend to warrant military intervention claiming their moral obligation whereas the truth of the matter is that some military intervention are actually carried out as a result of either economic or political gain. In fact Marxists cite the notion that former United States of America president Nixon comment that the USA offers aid to other countries in order to help themselves to prove that military

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