Friday, October 4, 2019

Enbridge company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Enbridge company - Research Paper Example The firm does adhere to a high sense of values, which initiates its success to the far it has come. It is built under the foundation of excellence and adherence to a strong sense of integrity, safety and respect. The values act as a beacon to the firm constantly directing it to the future and at the same time reflecting the far they have come. It has a great commitment to ensuring that the environment, the staff, contractors and the operational community is safe. With reference to its safety protocol, it has a well-set code of safety guiding its operations. The firm has set its goals to secure massive growth in the energy sector. It has a pack of embedded strategic priorities. In essence, it is committed to safety and operational reliability. It also focuses on project management aspects so that it can deliver its services with the maximum customer satisfaction. To fulfil such strategies, the firm has secure assets and great financial strength and flexibility. It has also adopted diversification of the services on offer, embracing the green power utility, generation of gas, transmission of power and natural gas, and exploration of another advanced opportunism. It has also strived to train its employees and to develop them, hence low costs of routine recruitment, hiring and placement 2 Enbridge is working to the limits of perfection when it comes to the environmental issues. The management team is very well aware of the nasty implications oils spills and gas leakage to the community. Therefore, as they generate, distribute and transport their products, they are very keen to ensure that there is no evidence of spills or leakages. They are focused at ensuring that there is maximum safety and security3. Most importantly, they have come up with a code of principles with the goal of ensuring that every person is safe all the

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