Saturday, August 10, 2019

Fashion of Men's Clothing in the Culture of Qatar Essay

Fashion of Men's Clothing in the Culture of Qatar - Essay Example The essay "Fashion of Men's Clothing in the Culture of Qatar" presents a business plan for the foundation of a fashion company of men’s clothing in Qatar overviewing all the important aspect of the culture in this country. Qatar is endowed with huge reserves of natural resources and is currently one of the most developing countries in the world. It is important to study the culture of Qatar before venturing in the market.Qatar people associate American companies with high capitalism and high-profit motives. Qatar people prefer to establish good relationships before starting any serious business conversation. It is important to understand the norms and values of Qatar people, especially while interacting with people of the opposite gender. The business will have to use professionals to analyze the similarities and differences of US and Qatar culture. The personnel must be able to communicate Arabic using Qatari accent to easily gain acceptance by the local population. Qatar men take pride in their culture and traditional clothing. Men wear a long thou with stylish collars and buttons. During winter, men prefer either heavy fabric for the thous which are mainly gray, brown or black color. Young men prefer embroidered caps and cover their heads with folded square cloth. During ceremonial occasions, Qatar men wear a black-gold cloak and keep one hand free in order to allow for handshakes. During the winter, men also prefer woolen sleeveless waistcoat that mainly contains camel hair. (Torstrick 88). The target market The business will sell new men’s clothing fashion to Qatar people. The clothes will be customised to Qatar culture in order to attract a lot of demand. Qatar is endowed with large gas and oil reserves and the per capita GDP is one of the largest in the world. Qatar enjoys political stability and cordial relationships with the USA government. The country is favorable for US exports and has no foreign exchange controls and has allowe d 100 percent foreign ownership of businesses in some sectors such as health, education and exploitation of the natural resources. The business will benefit from expanded market, reduced business risks due to diversification and increased global recognition. Qatar market offers viable opportunity from fashion men’s clothing due toe increase in the number of citizens living in the urban areas (Orr 198). Marketing strategy The target market consists of Qatar men who prefer customized clothing. Due to the increasing educated young men who prefer western clothing that is customised to their culture, the business will experience minimal resistance in penetrating the market. Customer satisfaction is key to the success of the business thus good relationships will be maintained with all the customers. The business will use Arabic language in the media advertisements and advertising themes will not be offensive to Islamic religion. In addition, the color in the advertisements will hav e to be grey or white in order to appeal to the culture of Qatar. The marketing staff will follow Qatar norms since male staff will not be allowed to shake hands with female customers. The business will avoid giving free gifts to first time customers since free gifts in the first business transactions may be declined by the customers. The

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