Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sustainability and Prefabrication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sustainability and Prefabrication - Essay Example However, the definition is insufficient since the definition for the term need is opposed to wants and luxury. The declaration linked global equity to degradation of the environment which calls for equitable consumption of resources to the global north and south. If linking the problems of consumption and poverty with pollution and resource degradation, then solutions require a lot of strategies (United Nations, 1987). This has led to complementary and contradictory definitions of sustainability. It is therefore necessary that the scope of a project be determined, the procedures outlined, so that critical terms of sustainability are defined. There are three integral dynamics that led to sustainability practices; On the other hand, a practice that neglects to address the discussed areas above fails to be sustainable. This is in accordance to Brundtland Commission Report. It may fall short along continuum or conscious misrepresentation (United Nations, 1987). Primary industries performing growing, harvesting, extraction, and processing of natural resources are the first in the chain of production. These industries deliver most of the necessities of human beings. A clear understanding of their activities develops a vivid understanding of sustainability. According to primary industries, sustainability is the ability of operating perpetually through adaptive management and scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is relevant to maintaining the environment and the natural resources that communities and economies depend on. Just like other industries, construction industry has to reconsider its relationship with the environment. The aspects of green construction and accepting responsibilities to the environment through construction activities are important. It is necessary that construction activities explore better ways and analyze construction processes so that the industry contributes towards sustainable development.

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