Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 99

Journal - Essay Example All children believe in Santa Clause and love the magic of Christmas. So Coca Cola used it and built the association array, something like Santa Claus drinks Coca Cola and Christmas is not full without Coca Cola. At least I understood it in this way and asked to buy me a Cola. In this commercial one may also find the image of happy families, celebrating the holiday and enjoying positive emotions. Children like and need such things and these pictures capture childrens attention. Also the authors used the holiday song with very sticking to the memory tune. Eric Schlosser in his essay Kid Kustomers noticed â€Å"The growth in children’s advertising has been driven by efforts to increase not just current, but also future, consumption. Hoping that nostalgic childhood memories of a brand will lead to a lifetime of purchases (...)†. This pattern works in case of Christmas advertisement by Coca Cola. When I found the clip on YouTube I saw comments like â€Å"I dont feel Christmas until I see and hear that advert† (user pwnsauce8) or â€Å"i love coca cola adverts at christmas i always drink coke on christmas day† (user Ste OC). Also I remember the commercial of 7-UP with Orlando Jones. He plays with small dog and accidentally he hits the pet with the can of 7-UP. I was not cruel to animals, I liked dogs and liked to play with them. I imaged that the dog is kidding and pretending dead so it seemed very funny. This clip did not make me want 7-UP but it made me want a puppy. I asked my parents to buy me a dog every time I saw this video. Now I can say these clips contain no information about goods, its features, or price. There are only emotions and associative arrays in these videos. So the ideal audience of these advertisements has to be emotional and have no logical and critical thinking. Like kids. Basically these drinks are not for children as they contain a lot of harmful for childs body

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