Thursday, August 8, 2019

Reformers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reformers - Essay Example ed as this groups perception of government leadership as corrupt and without a reasonable desire to build a system of justice that best served the American people. Those reformers who took active stands against corrupt leadership were largely from the middle class, though there were others of higher economic influence who also believed that 19th Century America deserved a better system of leadership at the capital. Most noticeable in the reformer movement was the acknowledgement that women should be considered as sentient, godly people and should thus be given the right to vote and extended certain freedoms. This movement was later referred to as the womens suffrage movement (LaPlante, 1999). The suffrage movement involved standing up for the rights of women and extending many of the same opportunities that the men of that age experienced. Along with the womens issues, the abolition of slavery was also a hotly debated topic at this time, especially with pressures from the southern states being imposed to expand and maintain slave presence in this region of the country. Citing religious doctrines, many of the social reformers who were wholly against slavery began to speak out about its atrocities from the eyes of the Christian god (LaPlante). Combining both of these strong reformer belief systems was Sojourner Truth, who had been born into slavery during the first half of the 19th Century, and through perseverance, became one of the foremost women leaders both in relation to womens suffrage and the abolition of slavery. During her long voyage toward improving the rights of women and slaves, Truth managed to bring about social awareness of the issues facing women of that time, while also raising money to help black soldiers who were fighting in the Civil War (, 2001). Sojourner Truth maintained some rather obtuse religious beliefs as well, befriending a religious sect similar to that of the Quakers, where communication with living spirits was a

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