Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lord Byron’s Darkness Essay -- essays papers

Lord Byron’s â€Å"Darkness† Lord Byron’s â€Å"Darkness† illustrates a dark and pessimistic outlook for the world as we know it. The world loses all sense of hope and is left with only despair and darkness after the loss of the provider of thought and hope-sunlight. With the extinction of sunlight comes the destruction of social classes due to inevitable fear of death, and, as a result, all that is left is chaos. The psychological mind drastically changes its mannerisms and mode of thinking when faced with life and death situations. In the solitude of pitch-black infinite space, â€Å"men forgot their passions†-all values were lost, hopes and goals were put on hold, and only darkness existed. A world living in darkness was forced to displace its social classes and live one in utter darkness. All ...

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