Friday, September 27, 2019

Affirmative action in the workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Affirmative action in the workplace - Essay Example This does not mean that they are handed over positions without qualification. They are qualified similar to the men but because of the marginalization and historical differences, they are not regarded as equal to the others and they therefore lack representation. The affirmative action that will be focused on this essay is that of gender in the workplace. One of the advantages of having affirmative action is that women get to have their fair share of representation in higher positions of power and decision making. This leads to the issues that are specific to females only to be addressed. The voices of women are now also heard which was not the case in the past. In having their voices heard and considered, the other women in the workplace can be sure that they will no longer be ignored but will have equality with the men. Women face their own shares of issues and especially those that have families. They will have small children that require being looked after and not all can afford to hire nannies or put them in day care system. This group of women may require having a room set aside in the workplace as a play area fort the children. This will allow the women to bring their children to work and get to monitor them throughout the day as well. For those breastfeeding, they should be allowed a nursing room to breastfeed their children or milk the breast milk with privacy. This is not something that men understand and hence can only be brought forward and campaigned by a many women voices to be addressed for increased productivity. When the workplace has diversity in terms of almost equal number of men and women, it is likely to attract more investors and customers and especially those who support feminism. This will not only increase business and productivity but will provide a higher chance of opening up other branches even globally and spread the idea of affirmative action (Estlund 147). Women provide a nurturing

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