Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Angels Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Angels - Essay Example Indeed the angels have been major guiding forces through the ages and they have remained an intrinsic part of my life from the childhood. I do agree with the author that angels do exist and influence our decision in issues and events in our daily life. While they may not come as fairies and bright lights or even people with halos, the voice of our conscience at critical hour, could be construed as the voice of the angels who want us to take the right path and correct decision. The subtle ways in which people are forewarned of dire consequences greatly reinforce the presence of some super power in our life and calling them by angels would not be incorrect, especially when our religious mythology has called them as messengers of God. My belief in the angels has not mellowed with growing up because I still believe that angels have come to me whenever I have been in difficult situations, in the form of friends, relative or even stranger who have come forward and guided me to safety and right path. In my acquaintance, I don’t have people who have unbiblical ideas about angels though, some of them may not believe in the existence of guardian angels. I do believe that angels are someone who want us to fight against the evil forces that might come in different forms, shapes and means. That is the reason that the new age angels have taken the form of Harry Potter, Sabrina, the witch etc. The media is abound with the tales of heroes that have fought the death traps and conquered the destructive forces that have come to harm the people and threatened the existence of this world. The children are greatly attracted to such serials and show because somewhere deep within them, they believe that good people will overpower the evil forces. These shows are successful primarily because they confirm the beliefs of the children. The scriptures of various religions have one common belief and that is that there is some super power which takes care

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