Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Human Resource Staffing Principal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Human Resource Staffing Principal - Essay Example Staffing, in fact efficient and dedicated staffing has been always a focal point of HR experts around the globe in the quest of sorting out the best and the perfect method to staff men for the job. Staffing is the process of finding the best of the human resources available to satiate the needs of growing or even sustain modern organizations. Small or large, every organization undergoes a process of staffing, and this is what makes staffing and important aspect of every organization (Morgen Witzel, 2004). The first step towards staffing is having a strategy that will be the basic guidelines in the entire staffing process. Developing a staffing strategy means analyzing the short and long term goals of the organization and then developing the positions that are required to achieve those goals. This way the organization managers know what exactly is required and what will be the suitable candidate. This also makes realize the remuneration and the additional facilities that are provided to the employee. The most fundamental issue that is haunting the top managers is finding the right work force that will not only fulfill the requirements of the job but also compete with other brands in the market. For this, the HR staffers develop a strategy of what type of staff they need and what are the sources that will satiate those demands. Developing a staffing tactic also requires identifying the key human resource areas and also realizing the sources of substitutes if a position goes vacant unexpectedly. After the development of a definite strategy comes the stage where the position is defined and the resources for that position is delineated. For example, an organization dealing in motorcycle sales is expanding and opening a new office in another state. The strategy requires making two fundamental decisions, would the organization’s own staff will be managing the sales in all the cities in that state or will he organization be letting our dealerships to local inves tors. How will those sales managers/dealers be managed and where to get the people interested in doing those jobs. Who will be performing what job and what salary and other benefits will he get in return all are delineated and this is what constitutes developing a HR staffing strategy. There are multiple types of organizations according to working styles and this is what determines they models of HR they have. Most of the organizations like the sales department of Apple or DHL couriers simply can not do without people to people interaction and thus require people to manage the reins of the organizations despite the fact that most of the 9-5 jobs are being automated. However, services like the airports and hospitals cannot be just closed down at 5pm because the shift is over, these require to be working in shifts and therefore have three shifts of eight hours each. Regular staff allows for the regular work to be done on regular basis and thus brings consistency in the work done. With growing interdependence on technology and unavailability of efficient work force everywhere, many organizations even rely on telecommuting or freelancing to get results. Companies like Cisco, Intel and Deloitte have a reliable number of telecommuters. Most of the internet and computer based jobs are filled by telecommuters, this way the employers have to pay only for the work done, reduce costs and achieve

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