Sunday, September 15, 2019

Best/Worst Experience in Modern Communication Essay

l rather than physical presence or written/printed channel. The best experience I’ve had communicating electronically was via e-mail. Last year in March, I went back to Israel to visit my family for a few weeks. Doing so each year is very hard on the family I leave behind, taking care of the everyday life without me around. My husband and I got to talk on the phone once or twice a day, but never too long due to the facts of the surrounding aspects (such as: noise, people that came to see me, and so on). Our landlord decided to sell his house and gave us one month notice as was written in the contract. We only had one month to find another place to live with 3 kids, while I was in Israel for the next 2 weeks. This was a very positive experience for my husband and I. It enabled us to communicate with each other and our realtor via the e-mail. If not for the e-mail options, I couldn’t have done what I succeed to do. I e-mailed each day to our realtor, knowing I can’t communicate with him with the 10 hours difference between us. He sent me houses to look for in the e-mails, and I e-mailed him what I liked and what not. The e-mail availability gave us the option to manage the issue from a distance, without being scared and cancel the visit with my extended family. Channels are the mediums that carry messages between communicators. (Dobkin-Pace, 2006). Worst experience I have had communicating in an electronic/computer communication channel rather than physical presence or written/printed channel. It happened in Canada 5 years ago. I was working in the Jewish community center as an event planner for the center. I was doing my daily tasks when suddenly I looked at my inbox and saw that I have an e-mail from the CEO. I looked at the e-mail and saw that she decided to cancel an event that I worked so hard on, with no reason. To me it felt so wrong and with no feelings. I felt so upset and thought to myself that this should have been done face to face and not through e-mail. She might have had her own reasons to why she did it, and she might have done the right decision.

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