Friday, September 13, 2019

Edge cities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Edge cities - Essay Example The developer is able to make considerations on what they would want for the city and using this, they are able to choose a strategic location for the city. They developer can choose a location that will be close to the resources needed by the city or even a location that is close to the developer’s target market. A location can reduce the costs of raw materials, transportation costs and costs of delivering products to the market place. The edge city can also be located to close to social service points. Edge city developers are also able to provide proper and efficient social services and supplies such as water, electricity and medical services. In historic cities, the quality of social services is determined by the other factors such as finances, population size and geographical size. Edge cities enjoy the benefit of better planning over historic cities. This is because the developers plan for the expected population size in the edge city. When the population is determined the city planners are able to optimally determine the infrastructure needed and the layout of the various structures in the edge city. Historic cities chronically suffer from social-fiscal problems such as poverty and crime and capacity problems such as congestion. Another advantage of edge cities over historic cities is that they have flexibility in terms of redevelopment and restructuring. Since the developer has control over the layout and operations in the city, they can change the layout of the city so that it meets the desired objective. This would only need enough finances and it is done. Historic cities are quite inflexible as redeveloping them would require a lot huge amounts of funds for compensating owners of different structures as well as lots of documentation on policy and legislation. When edge city developers are choosing the location and capacity for their mega-projects, they have to make several

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