Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sickle Cell Trait Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sickle Cell Trait - Research Paper Example Clark has been declared unfit for the game because of a blood disorder called sickle cell trait. Sickle cell trait is a sub-type of sickle cell anemia in which the person has one normal gene and the other abnormal sickle cell gene. Thus, although he does not manifest with the serious blood disorder symptoms but his previous medical history points out that he is at risk of developing serious organ complications. The coach Mike Tomlin explained that Clark had experienced spleen and gall bladder problems in the 2007 game and eventually had to end his game. He had suffered from a serious sickle cell crisis because of the hypoxic conditions caused by the demanding game. Thus they have decided in light of the data to limit him from the upcoming game (Moisse 2012). Dr. Jasmine Zain describing the condition stated that sickle cell trait individuals live a normal life and are sometimes not even aware of their hematological pathology. However, under circumstances of severe hypoxia like high-al titude or strenuous exercises, the hemoglobin forms crystals in the red blood cells and they lose their functional and structural capacity. This leads to sluggish blood flow and blockage of blood vessels. The final outcome is loss of function of organs, stroke, intense joint pain or even cardiac problems. For professional athletes oxygen demand is crucial during the exercise. On the other hand, people with full-blown sickle cell anemia, both the genes are abnormal and they do not have normal hemoglobin at all. This type is associated with serious symptoms and complications and is sometimes also fatal. With new advancements in therapeutic strategies, the life expectancy of sickle cell disease has increased up to 40, 50 and even 60. With these treatment methods, the concentrations of abnormal hemoglobin levels in the blood can be reduced to manage the blood disorder. The permanent cure for sickle cell disease is only bone marrow transplant from preferably a healthy sibling (Moisse 201 2). Clark has stated in the article that sitting back in the benches during the game is indeed discouraging and he hopes that things would get better so that he gets a chance to be a part of the team again (Moisse 2012). Sickle cell trait is a blood disorder which might be neglected or ignored because of its less obvious clinical presentation. But, sickle cell trait individuals have to take certain precautionary measures in order to avoid the associated complications as mentioned earlier. They have to avoid extreme exercise regimens or visiting high altitude areas as this would ultimately increase their blood’s oxygen demand. Although, they are safe from the major signs and symptoms which are associated with sickle cell disease, sickle cell trait individuals still have to face some restrictions and limitations in their everyday life. If we reflect in our everyday life and sickle cell trait implications, outdoor sports and exercise are significantly affected. Children, who are interested in sports which require strenuous physical activity like cricket, soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis and other such games, will have to restrict themselves because of their condition. Some children might show more severe symptoms in reaction to hypoxia as compared to others. However, every sickle cell trait individual is at risk of organ-failure complications and sickle cell crisis in response

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